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The Classroom


                      Eva Jade

Our 'classroom' is a cutter-rigged Tayana 37 w/pilot house, a Robert Perry design based on Colin Archer's Norwegian Rescue Boats. Designed and built at the peak of the age of sail, when internal combustion engines were still an unproven novelty, these rescue boats were arguably one of the safest vessels afloat, earning the sobriquet of 'GAB' - a 'Go Anywhere Boat'. Their rounded or 'canoe' sterns divide a following sea, reducing the tendency of the boat to yaw sideways when running downwind.


The Eva Jade was built at the Ta Yang boatyard In Taiwan in 1978, before the strength of  fibreglass was fully appreciated. As a result, her hull is almost twice as thick (and strong) as more modern hulls. Another advantage of building in the 70's was the availability of teak, highly prized as the best wood for decking and trim work in a marine environment. 

As a live-aboard, Eva has some nice conveniences - a marine head (toilet), 12 volt refrigeration, a three burner propane oven/range, propane heater and two separate compartments for privacy.

The navigational electronics include a VHF/DSC radio and Lowrance chartplotter, sounder, and radar ( all three of which can be viewed simultaneously on split screen).

A Navico autopilot greatly reduces the strain and stress of piloting, especially if operating the vessel single-handed.

The 12-volt electrical system includes 6 batteries charged by a 160 amp marine alternator, an Airex wind generator and 2- 85 watt solar panels.

Eva's auxiliary power unit is a 50 hp 4-cylinder Perkins marine diesel engine.

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