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More Adventurous Things To Do In Cape Breton


Whale Watching: if your host means the most, check out Cisco on board the Oshan in Bay St. Lawrence. If zodiacs are your thing, look for Cape Breton's original whale watching business with Denis Cox in Bay St. Lawrence.

Sailing: a great guide to cruising in the Bras d'Or Lakes and the 'outer coast' of Cape Breton is Cruising-Cape-Breton. Also look at Explore Nova Scotia

Kayaks: if you prefer self-propelled adventure, call Angelo at North River Kayak Tours.

Bird Tours: Donelda's Puffin Tours are the best way to check out the incredible bird-life on Ciboux and Hereford Islands.

Yacht Clubs: great yacht clubs can be found in Baddeck, North Sydney, Sydney, Big Pond, Port Hawkesbury and D'Escousse.

Marinas: marina services can be found at Baddeck, North Sydney, Sydney

Ben Eoin, Port Hawkesbury, Grand Narrows, Isle Madame Boat Club and Lennox Passage.

Boat Yards: If you need the services of a boatyard, you're in luck.....try Baddeck MarineCheticamp Boat Builders, Cheticamp Marina, Samson Enterprises Ltd. 

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