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The Program

The Cruise and Learn Adventure Sailing School is dedicated to teaching and refining the sailing skills of people who are interested in exploring the maritime world by sail.
We offer live-aboard classes from one to five days in duration that teach skills necessary to adventure safely by sail in a coastal environment.
Our lessons are guided by manuals published by the International Sail and Power Association and the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association. Our instructor is a graduate of these

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institutions. Each student is supplied with one of the manuals in advance of the course. Each chapter in the manual ends with a questionnaire for self-evaluation as the student progresses. This method of preparation ensures that the student knows something of the material that will be taught in the class setting.


The first day aboard will be about safety on a sail vessel as well as the basics of sailing and anchoring techniques. On a rotating basis, each student (and the Captain) will be assigned a share of the daily duties - piloting, anchoring, cooking, hoisting and lowering sails, clean-up, etc. 

Any students wishing to achieve certification as either 'competent crew' or 'day skipper' must complete the 5 day 'salty dog'   

course and successfully pass a 30 minute written exam. This certification, issued by the Canadian Recreational Yachting Association, will certify the student's competence to anyone taking on crew or chartering a vessel.

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